Vegan hair care – that’s why!

Vegan hair care – that’s why! - Sweet Bunny Hair Vitamins

Veganism is on the rise (happily) and is becoming increasingly important to many people all over the world. At SweetBunny® it’s in our fundaments - our hair vitamin gummies are vegan of course, but we also try to do business as ‘vegan’ as possible. (For example, did you know the glue of a label in most times is not vegan?) But what is veganism exactly, what is it good for and why is it so important for so many people? We’ll explain all you need to know about veganism and the importance of getting a vegan hair care routine!

What is veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle where products derived from an animal are not consumed. Killing or allowing animals to suffer is avoided as much as possible. The major difference with vegetarianism is the fact that it is not only about products made from animals, such as meat, but also about products that come from animals, like eggs and milk. Also, wearing clothing made with products derived from animals are a no go, such as leather clothing. Everything is about animal friendliness. Entertainment where animals are held and used is also not an option in the eyes of vegans. Products that have been tested on laboratory animals are also renounced.

Unlike other brands who claim that they’re vegetarian, but use oils secreted from the skins of lambs, we can definitively affirm that our gummies are powerful and effective while 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

So why is veganism so important?

That's a good question that we would love to answer. For every product with an extraction of animal product, an animal has been used or killed. Millions of animals are slaughtered every day and for all these animals our daily choices make a world of difference. We believe animals don’t just exist to satisfy our needs. There are more and more vegetable substitutes, making it less necessary to use animal products.

Then there is the question of whether it is really so bad if we use animals when we treat them "well”. Would you also ask this question when it comes to dogs, cats, monkeys or humans? Probably not. We have been taught which species of animals are okay to kill and which are not. The fact is that we don't need to make any distinctions here at all. In fact, it is perfectly doable to live without animal products. In other words; vegan. It is important to remember one thing; animals do not live for us, they live with us.

Hapilly, more and more people are seeing the importance of veganism. The industry is changing and new vegan products are launched every day. Globally, the number of vegans is growing rapidly, as is the number of vegan products and eateries. This growth is also expected to continue to increase, that’s a good sign!

Vegan women have a 34% lower rate of gender-specific cancers. Source:

Some nice Vegan facts & statistics

1. The total number of vegans worldwide in 2021 amounts to about 79 million.

2. About 9.7 million people follow a vegetarian-based diet in the US.

3. Israel has the largest concentration of vegans in the world.

4. Generally, a lot more females are vegans than males.

5. Meat-eaters’ diets cause seven times more greenhouse emissions than vegan diets.

6. The worldwide vegan food market was valued at $12.69 billion in 2018.

7. Europe accounts for 39% of the sales of meat substitutes worldwide.

8. Searches for the term “veganism” and vegan facts and information rose 580% in the last five years.

9. By 2025, the vegan food market is expected to be worth $24.06 billion.

10. Vegan women have a 34% lower rate of gender-specific cancers.


Choose for vegan hair care

It's not that only your clothing and food can be vegan, your hair care routine can also be. Many cosmetics are becoming vegan, making it easier to adapt your hair care routine to a vegan lifestyle. But how do you know if cosmetics are vegan? Start by scanning the label and packaging. You can also check to see if the product you want to purchase has the "Certified Vegan" logo. Not sure? Then read the full ingredient list and see for yourself if the product contains any animal ingredients. You can also look online for vegan/cruelty-free product lists. Here you will find exactly which products you can use when you are going for a vegan lifestyle. Also pay attention to whether the product has been tested on animals. It is best to use the LeapingBunny and PETA shopping guides to look for products that have not been tested on animals. There are plenty of things that can help you for creating a vegan hair care routine.

The 100% vegan hair vitamin gummies from SweetBunny®

A hair care routine isn't complete until it includes hair supplements. As we strive for a totally vegan hair care routine, SweetBunny's 100% vegan hair vitamin gummies are the perfect addition. Unlike other brands who claim that they’re vegetarian, but use oils secreted from the skins of lambs, we can definitively affirm that our gummies are powerful and effective while 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Also, our gummies are made from pectin, NOT gelatin. Pectins derive from plants (mostly fruits), while gelatin is obtained by boiling animal bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments, usually from cows or pigs. We work closely with the suppliers, offering only the best ingredients that meet strict standards. The gummies contain only vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free and gelatin-free products with no use of artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. The gummies are manufactured, tested and certified in Canada to the strict standards of the FDA and Health Canada. Sweet Bunny's gummies are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so you can confidently add this product to your vegan hair care routine. Order your bunnies here, way to go!

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