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SweetBunny® Hair Vitamins: 6 MONTHS XL PACK

SweetBunny® Hairvitamins: GIFT PACK with free brush


My hair, skin and nail are of its best with the help of sweet bunny. Amazing product. My nails were super strong

Great supplement against hair loss

I got them from my wife, and they work great for my hair loss. Still losing some hair but much less, and many new hair in the front zone.

SweetBunny® Vitamins: 1 MONTH • 60 GUMMIES
Annemieke Rijke (Netherlands)
It works!

I couldn’t believe it, but after some weeks I did see the difference by new Baby alike) hair. Most striking is that my hair loss is substantially reduced since taking the Sweetbunny Vitamins.

Try it you can feel the difference

SweetBunny® Vitamins: 3 MONTHS VOLUME PACK


Received the brush with a giftpack, this brush is ab-so-lutely crazy. Brushing feels like a massage and works very well. Friends, family, i let everyone try and they're all in love with it!

SweetBunny® Hairvitamins

Vitamins is good. Amazing result. only thing i had to pay duty tax for the last order which was earlier wrong information given. Otherwise is okay.

Review on the Vitamins

Honestly, it has been the best. My hair fall lessened within the first bottle itself, lots of baby hair and It’s just a holy grail!

Stronger hair and less hair fall

It has been more than 2 months since I use the Vitamins. They are just great and my hair fall has noticeably decreased.

Like them a lot : )

Great taste, I love the fact that they are sugar-free and vegan, the brush is the loveliest I have ever had. Have not seen any difference in my hair after 1 package, but I´m definitely going to continue taking them to give the vitamins a fair chance.

Nice gift

Just bought this for myself and for a friend. Don't have results yet because I just started. But my sister has very good results so let's give it a try.


Good product, does what is says.

Musthave for new moms

So here is my story. In December I gave birth to my wonderful (3rd!) daughter. After a few months, my hair started falling out. I knew this was part of the deal (SO unfair 😭) but somehow I was hoping it wouldn't be so bad this time. But guess what, It was just as bad as with the other pregnancies. 🙈 I started taking SweetBunny hairvitamins after 3 months (after labour) and two weeks later, I noticed my nails were stronger and I saw new baby hairs coming up. So happy with these tiny hairs! Although I look like a pineapple 🍍right now, I'm just happy with all my new hairs so I will definitely continue taking my bunnies. I advice SweetBunny to all my friends who just had a baby or who experience weakened hair / or hair loss. It really makes a change!

Really nice!

I’m always trying out new stuff to make my hair stronger and to give it more volume. Sweetbunny is definitely here to stay! It also taste like a little candy so it’s very easy to implement it in your daily routine!

Highly recommend!

My hair and nails have never been this healthy and strong before! I would highly recommend using SweetBunny to everyone. I've been using it for 4 months now and see optimal results.

Lovely, I recommend it!
I tried before in 2019/2020 and I think it is better and I should have the same end results.

SweetBunny® Hair Vitamins: 6 MONTHS XL PACK
Krystal Magsombol (United States)
Love it!

I have been taking these hair vitamins for quite some time now - about 2 years. I lost a lot of hair and my friend recommended Sweet Bunny. I'm glad that there is a 6 month value pack because I take the vitamins daily as it is my everyday routine so my hair stays nice and full.

SB Helix Hair Ties (Pack of 2)
Jessica (Belgium)
I love bunnys

really works


I love these gummies!!

Pleased with my packs

came to me in good condition. generous discs given by merchant makes me feel they care for their clients.

I was impressed!

I noticed a lot of hair growth within weeks of talking them. Definitely buying more.

I love bunnys

really works! have been taking this for a year now and hair is growing super fast and looking healthy

SweetBunny® Vitamins: 3 MONTHS VOLUME PACK
Thripurasunthary Rajindran (Malaysia)
Best hair vitamin

This is the best hair vitamin i hair fall has reduced alot and it tastes really good too