How it works

Our mission is to give people confidence again.

Many men and women have to deal with hair problems, and keep walking around with it for too long. Probably because they think it just belongs to them, that it's in their genes. That's partly true. But you can certainly change your hair quality. The success of hair vitamins is that you improve your hair from within. Due to the high doses of Biotin and other vitamins and minerals, your hair follicles are nourished from within so you get stronger, shinier hair and better hair growth.

Do you experiencing hair problems, like:

✔️ High dose of Biotin (5000 mcg)

✔️ 13 vitamins & minerals

✔️ 2 gummies per day

We have put a lot of time and attention into the development of our product. We not only want to be good for people, but also for planet. That's why we are constantly working to make our product and our company even more sustainable.

Our Sweetbunny® hair vitamins are vegan, cruelty free, sugar free, Halal, lactose free, gluten free and free of titanium dioxide.